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[Dutch for: regain energy]

With shower water a  lot of energy goes down the drain. In a well insulated house is nowadays the largest part of the energy consumption for taking showers. Heat recovery is the solution. With the ES-drain of Herwin-Energie half of the energy can be saved in the most economical way.

Herwin-Energie has over 15 years experience with heat recovery from shower water. The innovative linear drain , the ES-drain is after a test period of almost 2 years ready for large-scale applications. The ES-drain meets all quality standards and the efficiency has been tested by KIWA. Moreover, the ES-drain has a number of unique innovative properties, such as no fresh water connections in the floor.  The drain is equipped with an acoustic leakage detection according EN1717. Moreover there is a double safety against leakage into the floor! The material of the heat exchanger is pure copper and the housing is of AISI316 , the best stainless steel for this application.

The principle of heat recovery from shower water is very simple. Heat is extracted from the drained water by means of a heat exchanger and immediately fed back to the cold tap water that is used for showering. So the water is not reused and no storage is required.

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