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The ES-drain is a linear drainage channel with heat recovery. With the introduction the ES-drain Herwin-Energie has made a substantial step in the state of the art of heat recovery from shower water. Basically is a very simple system. The waste water flow over a copper pipe of a spiral shaped heat exchanger and heats up the cold fresh water inside the pipe.
Double wall seperation conform European standard (NEN1717)
Good for energy saving calculation
Connection heat exchanger always accessible
Easy to clean
According EN171 for drinking water safety and the KIWA guideline BRL-K656 is a double wall between waste water and fresh water required. Most of drains with heat recovery that have been installed until now do meet these requirements of double separation and would  not pass a KIWA test. Moreover it is required that in case of leakage of one of the wall this would become visible. But when the drain is installed into the floor the a leakage will only become visible when this is noticed by the downstairs neighbours.

In addition, all shower channels with heat recovery supplied so far have been fitted with tap water connections in the concrete, by means of a threaded connection. Such a connection is generally not considered reliable and there is a real risk of leakage in the floor.

The facts mentioned are serious shortcomings of the shower drains with heat recovery installed so far. The ES-drain does not have these shortcomings and moreover has a good return and a very moderate price. For more information, see the downloads.

There are two types off the ES-Drain, one for tiled floors and one for vinyl floors. The heatexchangers are identical, only the edge off the housing and the grid are different.

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